After a lifetime working in the performing arts as a musician, guitarist, composer, media and the entertainment sector, the bio of Michael West is vast to say the least. He has literally “been there done that!” and then some. From his early days doing on-air work as a rock, country and top 40 radio announcer and touring as a guitar player and vocalist, He has mastered the art of how to create, record and deliver the goods as a professional creative guitarist, singer and performer.  Highlights include: 
• Studio work as a guitarist in Nashville for Ripe Productions 
• Guitar playing featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Duets” Featuring Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow 
• Seven years performing as a singer and guitarist with powerhouse trio “Soul Deep” 
• Currently working as Music director and lead guitarist for “EMC” - a fabulous female vocal group www.emcvocalgroup.com.au who were finalists on THE VOICE 2018

When you are looking for an soloist to get everyone in “the mood”, Mike West fits the bill perfectly! With a well-rounded repertoire of guaranteed favourites from different eras and genres, he knows how to entertain and deliver the goods every time!  Mike has performed hundreds of venues from Sydney to Newcastle and the USA from Seattle to Nashville bringing his unique bluesy style on both guitar and vocal to a fantastic mix of Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, and American roots music.


"Mike is an audience favourite and will keep
any crowd entertained and wanting more!"

Check out this Mike West (short guitar cut) from a wedding performance with Soul Deep function band: